Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Friendship Day!

"Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you"
-Elbert Hubard-

aku tak brape setuju dengan ape yang elbert hubard cakap tuh sebab aku raser die sepatutnye camnih... "Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still wants to be with you" haha...sebabnye, aku tak raser pn kawan2 aku really "likes" me... diorang slalu cakap aku jahat but yet, they still here by my side... :P (i'm so touched!)

every year mesti aku confius when exactly the friendship day... pastuh tuh yang aku slalu terlupe nak wish bukan sebab aku tak ingat kawan2 tapi sebab nye aku tak ingat biler friendship day... kang tetibe plak aku wish hepi friendship day plak pelik giler kawan2 aku... haha... anyway, aku baru tau rupenye friendship day is on the first Sunday in August which mean tomorrow.... so, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends, tak kire dr kawan yang main nyorok2, kejar2 kat tadika, kawan2 maser sekolah rendah, kawan2 kat sekolah menengah, kawan2 kat U, kawan2 maser pegi BTN, rumah anak angkat, kawan2 maser kat kolej and semue kawan2 yang meraser diorang kawan aku Happy Friendship Day!

Stars have 5 ends, squares have 4 ends, triangles have 3 ends, lines have 2 ends, life has 1 ends, but i hope our friendship have NO ends!

Thanks for being my friends and remember: if u're in trouble, if u need a hand, just call my number, because i'm ur friend! :P happy friendship day!


Aimi A.Z who thinks that she is very lucky for having so many friends...

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