Tuesday, December 04, 2007


it's been 4 month since my last update. sem yang bz membuatkan aku takde maser untuk mem'blog'. nih dah abes sem and dah start mencari2 keje baru ader maser nak blog... huhu, beta[pe bznye life aku kan? haha... poyo betul...

ok, actually I just got back from an interview.. yes, an interview at jurutera perunding maju. quite a small company but oklah untuk stating nih.. leh blajar banyak sket. but, baru interview je belum tau lagik dapat ke tak... kire nih 1st interview aku kat company tuh sindrik la. b4 this i attended walk in interview yang uitm wat je. yang tuh ader la AZRB, petronas, UEM Land, TNB (tak interview pn, just isi details diri), and PLUS. yang PLUS tuh suck giler sebab tuh aku nye 1st interview and aku nervous nak mampos.. hehe... shell tak dapat g sebab g vacation kat langkawi.. hm, yang vacation to langkawi ngan penang nnt aku wat review... tak sempat lagi.. hehehehe..

anyway, talk about my interview tadik, biaser2 je.. senior engineer company tuh yang interview and he seems like tak biaser menginterview sangat... just tanye basic2 question about myself on what i wrote in the resume.. such as: where do you normally play futsal? what software do u excellent at? what did u do in national bridge competition? what did u do when u undergo ur practical training at perbadanan putrajaya? something like that nye question..

anyway, I'm building up my confidence level setiap kali interview.. just can't wait to see if I get the job or not.. huhu.. anyway, to my friends yang nak g interview, i wishes u good luck and all the best.. :P

Aimi A.Z yang wat some research on interview tips here

*update* i got this job! :P will start on monday (10th December 2007)

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