Saturday, May 31, 2008

I got my degree!

When I said that I got my degree meaning that I already had my graduation day and I already got a piece of paper which got my name and my qualifications on it. yups, I had my convo on 26th of May 2008 and that's the day that I will never forget... why? I also don't know why.. hehe... so, convo means hanging around with friends and taking lots of lots of pictures. but, I don't feel likes I wanna attached it here, now. but, I promise I will attached it later. but, wait.... I think I want to attach a few pics here, now.

so, the first pic... of course with my beloved ummi and abah... thanks guys 4 being there 4 me..
the second one... guess where the pic is taken... *what?* the tissue roll kantoikan the great pics. actually the pics is taken while the ceremony is still on... bosan sangat dok kat dalam dewan g la touch up jap... hahaha... touch up la sangat... so, from left..dr belakang... Noni yang prasan baik, Hani yang giler blajar, Aimi A.Z who remains the best, Shima who's Pacat's, Geri the Geraldine.. and kat depan Syura yang Comel tp momot, and the last one Fieza yang dah penat memendekkan diri yang pendek just for the sake of taking pictures... :Pand the last pics (for now) comfirm la gambo ngan kawan2 yang tersayang... hehehe... diorang yang sayang kat aku kot, not the other way round.. hehehe..
So, that's all for now.. nnt jap2 g kalo rakin aku sambung lagik... eh, btw luper plak... aku sekarang nih menyambung pembelajaran di institusi yang same... if takde aral melintang aku akan menggenggam segulung Master akhir tahun depan.. InsyaALLAH... so, wait for my third convocation... :P chiow...
Aimi A.Z who remains the best :P

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