Friday, May 30, 2008

it's already 30th of May 2008?!

is it really in the middle of 2008 n I didn't even have a single post? seriusly memang banyak sangat yang nak di update since my last entry but be patient, I will done it part by part.. to make it more interesting, I summarized the topics 'here'.
1. I already got my degree in Civil Engineering. n currently undertaking Master in Civil Engineering.
2. I already 'am' a civil engineer or more specific: Structural Design Engineer
3. Ayien (my cousin) just got married and Safiah (which is also my cousin) dah kene risik.. what?! when is my turn...?
4. 'shhh.....' I wanna tell u something..... kaklala n ihsan have a blog.... oh, farah adeela also have a blog but that's not a secret... oh, almost forget.. Little Roses also already have a blog... :P
that's the topics that I wanna highlight but of course it's too much to write.. tak sabar nak mengarang ayat n letak gambo... tungguuuuuuuuuu...................
Aimi A.Z yang dah tak sabar2 nak mengarang blog setelah sekian lame

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