Sunday, June 01, 2008

I am a civil engineer

So, this is the 2nd topics that I promise to update. Actually, I already told the stories in my previous entry and yups... I still didn't change my workplace since then. let me tell u some interesting stories about me, work as an engineer and work at my workplace.

My workplace is not as big as wardah's workplace, or even as famous as hanie's workplace... Even my salary is not as high as zue's salary but I still work at my workplace. n I gonna tell u why..

but, b4 I tell u why let me describe how my workplace looks like.....................

My workplace or let me put it this way... My office is located at shoplot and my office owns the 1st floor and 2nd floor. the 1st floor is for us (enggineers, technicians, frontdesk and despatch) while the second floor is for my Bos and his secretary ONLY. hehehe.... (cam dengki je bunyiknye kan!) there's only about 12 workers there but there's a lot and lots of rats there.. yup, no kidding..... its not bcoz my company is dirty but its an old building and there's a restaurant and my office is the place where the rats likes to hang around.. (cis! cam takde tempat lain je nak lepak) ok, anyway.... there's only a toilet...I repeat.. A toilet for us (man & ladies) to do our 'business' and even to take ablution... ok, ok, there's also a bathroom with a 'kolah' in it but who the hell that gonna us the bathroom except for the guys who us the bathroom to have their 'fresh air'....the point is, there are absolutely nothing that capture my interest to stay for a long time at that office.... but I still working at the same place..

and why?!

here's the interesting part... In my office, they teach me how to be a good Structural Design Engineer. they taught me how to design, why I can't do what I can't do in design, how I can make my design more ecconomical, why it is not a good practise and even how to use the software. that's the only things that prohibited me to find a new job. that's the things that makes me put money and the comfortness behind everything and that's the only things that I like about my office and my workplace... that's the only things..... KNOWLEDGE

and I LOVE being a structural design engineer!

Aimi A.Z who loves her job


Shin Chan Comel said...

Salam saudari Aimi;) I like ur blog..& u r a civil engineer! Sbnrya, sy stdnt civil final year d slh sbuah ipta. Sy nk sgt kerja d cnsultant, tp, wat concern me the most is dat my design, weak in design, but i still 1 2 work in a cnsultant. Any advice?

Aimi Zubir said...

Saudara Kerol... (Cam Sesi Soal jawab dalam paper plak) Hahaha... Thanks 4 the compliment! :P btw, it's ok if u're not good in design as long as u have the qualification and the interest. kalau minat semua boleh jadi. And 4 ur info, yang paling penting dalam proses mendesign adalah experience. It's true that knowledge is important but in real life, we need combination of both design and experience. So, don't worry if u thought that u weak in design because Selagi ada kemahuan, di sittu ada jalan Chaiyo3x.... :P

Shin Chan Comel said...

Saudari Aimi, thnx krn sudi blas cmment sy nie..ehehe:) Mulanya sy ingat xkan d balas akhirnya syukur berbalas jua. Jadi cik aimi yg baik hati, sy nk tnye nie, kalo mula2 masuk cnsultant diorg akan ajar2 design dlu ke or trus je direct sruh design projek? ekceli, sy dh ade offer dari cnsultnt, tp sy agak risau takut xmampu nk design pape nnt kalo dh trima keje kt sn...byk dh sy lupa psl design nie. lagipun, dlu ade senior sy yg agak terer dlm design, die prnh hadir intrview kt cnsultant, awl2 dh dsuruh design, tp sehebat2 die 2 pun xdpt apatah lagi sy last2 die skg keja ngn cntractor. Ble cik aimi tlg nasihatkn sy psl cik aimi lagi bpngalamn:)

Aimi Zubir said...

Berpengalaman la sangat... Tu semue depends on company. Ada company yang akan ajar ada yang terus suruh design. So, ape2 pn terpulang pada nasib dapat company yang macam mana. dapat senior yang macam mana. Alah... go for it je. Kalau rasa tak sesuai cari company lain. Sesungguhnya semua bergantung kepada company.... :P

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