Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seniority vs Pangkat

So, which one do u think win the battles? seniority or pangkat. in my case, i think seniority wins... huhuhuhuhu..... the "case" that i'm talking about is the so-called battle of me and my draughtman... ok, die tuh senior draughtman and aku nih junior engineer yang baru nak belajar merangkak.. but, of coz she has to listen to me as i'm the engineer. but, things goes the other way round. she refuse to do things that i told her to do and she annoyed me with her "annoying" attitude.. cis, taulah aku nih junior but gimme a chance. i'm trying to be a good engineer. and being good needs time. tapi tahlah... i'm not the type of person dat know how to express my anger and even if i can expressed it, i don't think anyone would be afraid.. even wawa (my younger sis) didn't afraid with me so why other people should.. so, I really need how to manage my anger to get some respect from people.... huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu..... anyone, plz help me!

Aimi A.Z who really needs a professional helps...

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