Monday, August 18, 2008

Extra Incomes, Anyone?

(plagiarize from LittleRoses.Blogspot)

Extra incomes for hari raya or Ramadhan?

Well, we at LittleRoses are looking for interested dealers around KL, Putrajaya, Bangi, Kajang (and surrounding areas) to promote and sell our cute Little Roses specially for Hari Raya. Now you can enjoy your kuih raya plus chocolate raya. Greatttt, isn't??

Interested dealers, can leave your comments or drop us an emel at or sms/call us at 0166199376.

Hope to hear from y'all soon.

Oh, btw last raya, we managed to sell hundreds boxes of LittleRoses Chocs :)

**kepada kawan2 yang nak berurusan terus ngan aku pn leh.. just give me a call.. :P

Aimi A.Z yang tengah cari dealer untuk Little Roses Chocs...


nOniE said...

mie...klu aku nak jualkan bape % aku dapat???hahahahahahaa

Aimi Zubir said...

ko nak jualkan ke? haha... dapat 10%. if jual lebey dr 20 kotak dpt la 15%. amacam? nak? hehe

Unknown said...

aimi...i nak tolong gak..
tolong mkn kueh raye ko leh??

Aimi Zubir said...

leh je KT. meh datang umah aku.. :P

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