Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bon Appetit!

I bought myself a cook book. yup, a COOK BOOK! hehehehe.... selame nih dok curik resipi dr internet je but I guess it's time to give some credits tho those who tried really hard to experiment new recipes and making some money out of it. Lagipn, maybe its time for me to start my own library (full of cook books!) and its time to Bon Apetit!

P/S: Don't worry, I will updates every time I try a recipes and I will post recipes that I'd already tried from time to time. OR u can just go to ur MPH store nearby and buy this book for only RM29.90. It's really worth it! :P

Aimi A.Z who don't have any idea when she will start trying a receipes... :P

1 comment:

nOniE said...

mie,jangan lupa wat lebih and bagi aku plak....emm..biar aku komen plak..huhuhuuuu

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