Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's Do Nothing Day!

It's the first day in 2009, it's Public Holiday & it's Do Nothing Day (according to Disney Channel-lah!). So, it's time to review everything happened in 2008 and also 2009's resolutions & hopes. :P

2008 Recap
(Since it's review for 2008, then everything listed will be 8 in numbers)

8 improvements in 2008
1. I'm a Master Student.
2. I'm a Structural engineer.
3. I bought my own car.
4. I put lots of weight. (Does this count as improvement? haha)
5. I can drive a car! (at last)
6. I'm graduated with second class upper.
7. My bos increased my salary. (Due to good work performance<---kunonnye-lah)
8. Sign up for a gym.

3 downturn in 2008
(nak tulih 8, but I guess hidupku ini tak bermasalah sangat. Alhamdulillah...)
1. I lost a friend. (What da heck?!I have lots of friends.)
2. I have to repeat 2 papers out of 3.
3. My drafter don't respect me as an engineer. (Gimme a chance!)

8 "First Time" in 2008
1. First real job.
2. Being fined (by MBPJ).
3. Repeat paper (siap dapat Pakej Berganda lagi)
4. Bought a cook book!
5. Beraya di Putrajaya.
6. Had a flat tyre.
7. My parents perform their Haj.
8. Mengundi (Undi adalah rahsia *ngehngeh*)

2009 Resolutions & Hopes

9 2009's Resolution
1. Loosen up some weight.
2. Study smart & also be a hardworking student. (Insaf la kunon)
3. Work harder & be a good structural engineer.
4. Update blogs frequently.
5. Have more organized lifestyle.
6. Have a healthy lifestyle. (Let's go to gym :P)
7. Tidak selekeh ke tempat keje (put away the jeans n T-shirt)<--tapi, cam susah je
8. Memperkembangkan bisnes Little Roses.
9. Gain more knowledge (by reading lots of book)

9 2009's Hopes
1. Diharap saya tidak malas untuk ke gym.
2. Salary increase.
3. nak BONUS!!
4. Can saves more. (em, cam xleh je!)
5. Get some respect from my drafters.
6. Reinforced my basic engineering knowledge.
7. Kurangkan membazir masa bermain games.
8. Lebihkan membaca (to gain more knowledge) = Resolution #9
9. Be a better person!

Aimi A.Z who took a very long time to finish this list...

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