Friday, September 05, 2014

I'm back!

Fuyoo. After more than a year, I finally back to blog again. Strange, right? I used to blog everyday, and then just stop blogging. Sigh!

Lots of things happened throughout the year. I wish I could put all in writings so that I will not forget each and every single details of them, but when Aimi is being Aimi, of course that will not going to happened! But, I'll try to highlight the most important and the most interesting part of my life, okay?

Some highlights on what's going on in my life so far:

My weight lost journey continues

It's not that I already achieve my dream weights (because I don't really set a target) but I lose some weight and try to live a healthy lifestyle. I'm still obese but now I'm closer to be just overweight. Yay! The important thing is, I can wear a dress and feel like a pwincess. Hee~ 

I become a better engineer

Not to say that I become a better, as in better but slightly better that before. It is not in terms of technical knowledge, but in terms of managing the project and also people management. Believe me when I say that, managing people is the hardest thing to do. Seriously. Maybe I'll be exaggerating a bit if I said that it is harder than managing the project itself. Eerk!

I challenged myself to be a swimathoner

I become a swimathoner because marathoner sounds too common. :P It is actually because I swim better that I run (maybe!). This is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm dying to tell you the story. Maybe later, okay? 

I hike and hike and hike

It has becomes my passion now. Something that I never imagine that I will love but well, we never know what our future is. I hate the pain, but I love the journey and the view and the feel when I reached the top of the mountain.

I'm a diver!

And yes! I love diving. Underwater world and creatures are superb. And can't wait for my next diving trip at the end of this month. Yay!

Till then. Ta-da!

Aimi Zubir :)


ily♥ said...

hi aimi!
Long time havent see your blog updated..hihi..
been missing your writings...i'm being honest here k..
so it's good to see u updating your blog again..
and...i envy all the activities you've been doing throughout your one year of silence (from the blogworld ;P )

Aimi Zubir said...

Ily, I miss my writings too *kiasu gilerr* and takyah lah buat aku terharu wehhhh

I envy all your activities too. Being a supermom to two beautiful kids. I hope I got the chance one day to be like you. But right now, I just wanna enjoy my life and live life to the fullest! Because that's what single people do, kan? Hee~

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